Access to Food

Access to Food

What programs are available and where can I buy vegetables and fruit in Hastings Sunrise?

Our initiatives  in Hastings Sunrise include:

Food in Our Community of Hastings Sunrise

Food Rescue Mission

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House organizes the  Food Rescue Mission for the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood.  Each week, 2,200 kilos of produce and food is donated by  Uprising Breads, and Van-Whole. The food is sorted and re-distributed to the Community Centres, Neighbourhood House(s) and CityReach Warehouse to be provided as food baskets.

Some Resources in Our Community

Our community has food banks and backpack programs in elementary schools providing emergency food relief for community members including families with children, seniors, and members of the LGBTQ2+ community. To learn more, contact the Neighbourhood Food Network Coordinator.

Achieving food security in Hastings Sunrise through community participation