community gardens in Hastings Sunrise

Growing Local Food

Our Community Gardens

  • Where do we grow food in our community?
  • How can I learn how to grow food?
  • Who can help me?

These are Your Gardens – get involved

 One seed starts a garden, one smile can lift a spirit, one person can make a difference, that person is you. 

These gardens are in our neighbourhood.  Whether they be on a school ground, or elsewhere in the community, they grow food and help us learn how to grow it too!  You can get involved.  Learn more.

Gardens at schools:


Community Gardens:


Urban Farming & Sharing Backyards:

  • Inner City Farms 
  • Sharing Backyards encourages urban gardening by connecting those who have the space to garden with those who would like to garden but don’t have the yard space.

Achieving food security in Hastings Sunrise through community participation