Who We Are

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Hastings Sunrise Community Food Network was formed in 2012, to help connect and support the Hastings Sunrise community, towards the access of healthy, affordable food. We have a rich, long history of food programs and activities at our community centres and neighbourhood houses, and HSCFN connects them with other community food and garden initiatives, to help strengthen capacity for a viable and resilient food system for Hastings Sunrise.

Learn more about our food programs, workshops and gardens, connect with us:

For more information or to be put on our mailing list, contact info@hscfn.com

The role of HSCFN is to:

  • Build individual and community capacity
  • Learn about the needs of the community and to identify gaps in programs, services and information
  • Provide insight, share best practices and bring service providers together to build a just, sustainable and resilient food system in Hastings Sunrise.

Helping to make food affordable:

Food for all!  Food is a basic human right.  Everyone in our community must be able to eat healthy, safe and culturally appropriate food.

  • Where do you buy groceries?
  • Where can you get low cost or free community meals and kitchens?
  • Who provides free delivery for groceries?


Achieving food security in Hastings Sunrise through community participation